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  • Winter, from December to February, is mild and rainy. The rains occur in periods of bad weather that last a few days.
  • Snow in Naples is very rare. If southern Sicily is excluded, the southern Tyrrhenian coast which includes Naples is probably the least snowy area of Italy.
  • Spring, from March to May, is mild; the rains gradually become rarer, and fine weather more frequent. 
  • Summer, from June to August, is hot and sunny. The rains are very rare, but we can not exclude some thunderstorms every so often.
  • Autumn, from September to November, is initially warm, and sometimes even hot, with many sunny days, especially in September and the first half of October.

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Amalfi-A Paradisal landmark

Amalfi-A Paradisal landmark

Post Auther
Posted on: 17 Sep, 2021
By Sara Branson
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